More preventable death on the roads.

Was reading a story about a father who arrived at the scene of a road crash where two of his young sons, his sister in law and two of her children were being loaded into stretchers. As he was checking on his 9 year old son, he was informed the 6 year old had died in the back of the ambulance.

The cause seems to be, yet again, a truck driver deciding he had time to run a red light rather than waiting for a few seconds until the lights changed in his favour. I say yet again because it happens here, with monotonous regularity… often with fatal consequences. We’ve seen trucks do it, we’ve seen *buses* do it. It’s an insane way to drive but it seems ‘might is right’ in the eyes of the drivers who know they’ll probably survive any crash.

Not so for the kids who died!!

I know we all whinge about the ‘big brother’ tactics of putting CCTV cameras everywhere, but if ever there was a case to be made for placing them in certain spots, then placing them on *all* traffic light controlled intersections has to be one of the strongest. It’s time *all* traffic lights were monitored and penalties for trucks running them leading to an automatic loss of licence – no arguments.

Full story of crash here.

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