Ads with a sting in the tail.

We were sitting around discussing the number of legs various animals had, four on mammals, six on insects, eight on spiders etc and the subject of scorpions came up. After checking on Google Images I decided the question was ‘moot’ because although it has eight actual legs, most varieties have two large pincer carrying appendages that whilst clearly not ‘legs’ since they don’t carry the animals weight, still count as limbs. This might have led to a discussion about a differentiation between limbs and their uses… but something else caught my eye. That ‘something else’ was this image.

French 'aids advert'.It’s clearly part of a French anti-aids campaign which includes, I discovered after a few more clicks, several other rather ‘explicit’ images. Not sure what this says to you but until I discovered what its intent was I had *no* idea what message it was supposed to convey!

Ok it’s well done… and once you are aware that it’s part of an ongoing campaign the point becomes clearer. But until you have that essential piece of information this could just be an artwork of ‘advanced’ form. I thought it was all very odd!

By the way, we’ve not yet got round to discussing the ‘true’ definition of ‘leg’, *or* limb. 🙂

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