Tomorrow is another day!

Well if ever a truism was true… I suppose that one is! 🙂

The wife is currently on her feet and meandering around the house. Still in pain but at least more mobile than she has been most of the day. We live in hope. Maybe she should have a nice hot bath later filled with salts and suds and just let herself relax in the water. Sounds good to me… and as the tub is way big enough for two, maybe I’ll pour myself a large glass of butterscotch schnapps and join her!

As for the food? The ham is cooked and I’ve ‘tested it’ several times today… and damn nice it is too!! I didn’t glaze it with anything exceptional, in fact just the essential cloves and a few spoonfuls of demerara sugar. The turkey was ‘plain cooked too’ since it’s going to be eaten cold with salad.

The kids have had a good day as far as I can tell. The ‘egg hunt’ went off well as it always does. The Easter Bunny left them masses of eggs and they spent an hour or two this morning hunting around the house until they were satisfied all were found. Even so I’ll bet there are one or two that will turn up in the coming months. Last year we even found one as Halloween approached! So engrossed were they in the search… that they totally forgot to look next to their beds and there were loud screams of delight when they finally realised that there were a couple of large eggs there for them. 😀

So. The wife is currently playing the piano, one child is watching  a Mr. Bean movie, the other is playing some game on the computer. The dogs are asleep, Snoopy across my feet… where he belongs… and Kit under a desk making those little noises so reminiscent of a two stroke… which is what *she* does best. Even allowing for the wife’s back pains… it’s been a really nice family holiday so far.

One day left – I wonder if I’ll manage to get to get into the garage to start clearing up? 😀

One thought on “Tomorrow is another day!

  1. just read through “get up in the morning” to “tomorrow is another day” all in one go = what a happy series of blogs – lol to you all –
    usual shambles – no change there , but what a great family and joyful Easter

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