Swings and roundabouts.

I’ve finally finished off the antibiotics… though am yet to see the doc to be assured all is at last well with the toe! The thing *seems* to be ok now, no nail of course and still a bit odd looking, but at least it looks as if it’s sorted. The back/hip/knee is still painful as it will be til my dying day… but again as long as I keep up with the painkillers it’s manageable and I can cope.

The problem is now that *the wife* is still in pain from some as yet unidentified back problems. The only ‘quasi-positive’ thin to come out of the problem is her having more insight into just how bad it is for me when my back goes into spasm. She seems a lot more sympathetic now about just how disabling it is and how frustrating it feels to be perfectly ‘fine’… until you try to move.

We’re still considering debating whether it’s worth trying to locate a Medical Centre that will be open on Easter Monday (there is almost certainly one after all) or to just wait until tomorrow and get her over to the GP as soon as he comes in… with a view to her trying to get to work for an important afternoon meeting.

I’d hate to be a prophet of doom about this but if her experience is anything like mine has been… she might find she’s *told* to lie down for a week and what we’ll do if that happens is anyone’s guess. Right now all we can do is hope the current painkillers and anti-inflammatories give her chance to recover enough to cope.

In the meantime, even tho it’s Easter Monday, the stuff the kids do on ‘normal’ Monday’s is still on, so even tho we’re home and doing stuff, the youngest still has her Ice Skating lesson this arvo so at 2:30 p.m. … off we’ll go! We might even get there on time for 3:15 p.m. today! Usually, I can’t collect her from school until 3:15 and we don’t arrive until 4:00 p.m. or so.

And then… if the wife is given effective painkillers… tomorrow we’re back to normal! 😀

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