The butterflies flutter by

Went outside for the first time today (the wife is ‘mobile’ for the time being) but a few seconds after going out I was rushing back in. And soon after I was again bemoaning the lack of a decent camera. Dancing in the garden were two beautiful white butterflies ‘making whoopee’!

utterflies making whoopee! The little pocket video camera was able to take one or two shots of them but nothing I took captured the dance properly so I will have to content myself with the few still photos I managed to take. This one is useful in that it highlights the strange difference between the upper and lower wing surfaces.

Seems odd to me in that the lower is darker than the upper! I’d have thought the colouring would be the other way around to help camouflage the insect from it’s potential predators! Either way… watching them fly is a real treat. They’re quite spectacular.

Edit: The wife says she’s had a closer look at the other photos and in her opinion it’s just that males and females have different colours! Not looked it up online or in any of our books but it sounds feasible.

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