Vale Arthur C Clarke

Arthur C Clarke was one of the best Science-Fiction writers ever. He has finally died at age 90, at his home in Sri Lanka early this morning after suffering from breathing difficulties.

Arthur C Clarke

He was credited with a range of conceptual suggestions that later became reality, one such was the idea of  geostationary satellites which he proposed way back in 1945!. However his most popular appeal lay in his books especially those such as ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and it’s sequels.

I’m not a great fan of his writing style and whilst I have to admire the breadth of his vision, some of his books are a little hard to read. Even so, his death is a real loss to the literary world.

4 thoughts on “Vale Arthur C Clarke

  1. Dad felt that as the rest of the family had responded recently he was not to be left out- and so apprapos nothing at all – hello!

  2. nothing to do with aurthur clarke – just something else going on that doesnt make any sense and makes you scratch your head with amazement at the continuing stupidity of the human race

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