End of the line.

This morning I received a long ‘essay’ via a third party. The request was that I print a ‘rebuttal’ by the relatives we told would have to leave after they’d lived here rent free for four months. So I read it… and re-read it with a growing sense of incredulity which rapidly turned into anger at the mixture of half truths and blatant lies and decided to publish it along with a detailed response.

I’d worked through several pages when I decided to send it to a friend who had just come online.

Her response was that it was totally outrageous… especially since it grossly insulted children who were in no position to defend themselves. She then said “Anyway, why are you getting so worked up over it?”. I said “Lies… half truths…. etc”. She said “So?”

I said “So they’ll spread this filth thru the family!”

She said “So?”

I said… “They said we threw them on the street when we said they needn’t leave for four days!!! It’s just wrong!!”

She said “So? Do you care? Really? They’ve gone let them stew. Ok they abused your hospitality and abused you…. you’ve done nothing wrong… just leave it.”

I had to admit that fundamentally I really *didn’t* care. Somewhere along the line when they spread this rubbish someone will ask the right questions. And if they don’t… so what?

She suggested I simply ignore it, take commenting offline and just ignore them evermore. They’ll eventually move back where they belong and in the meantime our life will return to normal. So that’s what I’ve done.

The wife of course was totally appalled by the letter too … but has also decided that it’s time to let it go!

So… the short answer to the letter is “No – I’m not going to publish it.”

Continue to send emails, if you wish… send comments… send whatever you like, it will *all* be ignored. I am utterly *disgusted* with their outrageous behaviour, as all reasonable well mannered people are. I sincerely hope never to have contact with them again.

8 thoughts on “End of the line.

  1. Again I don’t expect you to publish this on your blog, not that it matters anyway. This letter is directly to you and your family, it need not be read by anyone else. My apologies, in that I offended you. That was never my intention. I wrote what I believe to be true as I guess, did you, in your comments. You deeply hurt me with your words on the blog and that day you threw us out. Indeed you did give us 3 days in which to leave. However, at the end of the day did it really have to come to throwing us out? Why did you feel it so difficult to talk to us??? I hope your blog will be free of future comments about us and our family. I am deeply saddened by what has happened and how we departed. We were forever grateful that you had us at your home for the three months in which we stayed and I regularly told you this. We are not these awful people you have made us out to be, I hope we can put all this in the past and move on and it need never be discussed again.

  2. I personally hope that you continue to write about whatever, whoever, wherever, whenever you want to, on your own blog

    If people don’t like what they read here, they are welcome to stay well away!

    And that applies to the physical space too!

  3. I absolutely agree. Don’t you dare stop.

    It’s no surprise that there are stupid people in the world. You will be shocked to learn dear reader that I myself occassionally lapse into stupid mode from time to time – I believed that Wales could win the Rugby World Cup in the summer – there I’ve said it!

    However the dire tribe (and diatribe) you’ve had to put up with recently take stupid to a completey new level. In fact they are so monumentally stupid they put the rest of us stupid people to shame.

    Put it like this – if there was a “World’s Greatest Mr Thicky” competition, then I reckon GL is a shoe in. My money’s on him to win it – no question.

    I’m also pretty sure that under the Gifted Amateurs section of the RGPA (that’s the Restricted Gene Pool Association) he and his family would have a section dedicated to them all on their own.

    Anyway the thing is we’re not yet living in 1984 and the thought police do not own our minds so at the risk of sounding too much like a greek chorus screw the ungrateful little b*stards, and that nauseatingly patronising excuse for a parent and let’s hope that in the glorious hereafter they are forever consigned to listening to Chris de Burgh played at 78rpm into the endless depths of eternity!!

  4. I was seriously considering not posting this in order to give the aggro a chance to die down… in fact the wife suggested I ‘reserve’ it for a few days.

    Sadly my warped sense of humour, which has got me into so much trouble before, took over again and I was still laughing as I pressed the ‘approve’ button. 🙂

    After all, if I’m such a truely (sic) horrible person both inside and out what else would you expect??

    I’m not concerned any more. I no longer consider them to be part of my extended family. Their loss.

    Happy Easter.

  5. well done – swallowed another dictionary – started a cloudy windy day with a big belly laugh – thanks sunny boy!- you keep writing them and I’ll keep laughing
    = at the very least we started with a bang and ended with a guffaw

  6. well done – swallowed another dictionary – started a cloudy windy day with a big belly laugh – thanks sunny boy!- you keep writing them and I’ll keep laughing
    = at the very least we started with a bang and ended with a guffaw

  7. Chris. I have bitten my tongue through all of this and as much as I am grateful of your hospitality in putting my family up, and as you put it, “putting up with my family”, I cannot for the life of me understand all of this bitterness. I have read your blogs for the past few weeks now and have kept quiet, but as I keep reading on, it seems that you have to have a dig every time you, or anyone with any connection to you, write. And that seems to be every day! I am amazed that it has all come to this because as far as I can see all this is about is a communication problem. “I” am not going to “slag” anybody off and would be grateful if this whole thing can be dropped for good as it is only serving to make a whole lot of people bitter and twisted. So, for now, I hope this can be an end. As far as anybody else is concerned, they have no right to comment on something they know absolutely nothing about except for reading “your” blogs. As of myself, you can see that this is probably a plea, and as I have been assured by everyone, you are quite within your rights to write whatever you like on here, I am asking you to think of the other people you are also hurting here, be it for what ever reasons. Think also that these other people could, quite possibly, be people a lot closer to home than you think!

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