Soon be Easter – let's have some eggs.

I’m not allowed chocolate according to my diet sheet but I doubt this will stop me having *some* of that black seductive 70% cocoa butter variety made by Lindt. I like ‘dark chocolate’ and think maybe the odd piece of two won’t hurt much.

Kids love chocolate of course and the ‘Easter Bunny’ regularly leaves eggs around the house for them to find on Easter Day. Luckily he never leaves them outside… probably because they’d melt in the heat! Each year we buy too many, but they last long and the kids will pick at them for months. 🙂

Long term readers will know I bought an ‘extra’ turkey at Xmas and decided to keep it for a few months to have around this time. I’ll be retrieving it from the depths of the freezer today and putting into the spare fridge to defrost for a few days. We’ll be spending the weekend clearing out some of the accumulated rubbish I spoke of earlier. The house has been so full these past months and my back and toe (and various other parts of me!) have been in such a poor state that I’ve simply not been able to keep on top of it… hence considering moving to a smaller place.

For us in Oz of course it marks the advent of Autumn and the approach of winter. It’s sad to think that most of the wildlife we’ve enjoyed will soon be dying… but at least we can look forward to their kids making a welcome return in Spring. 🙂

The religious element has been largely lost as society moves towards a more secular model, but regardless of your faith, this time of year still has the power to make me reflect on life, death and renewal.

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