Whooosh… they call her the streak!

Don’t ask how this arrived on my desk, but on the heels of Andrew Symonds demolishing of a streaker at the cricket finals the other week, I heard that even the sacred turf of that most boring and docile of sports… Indoor Lawn Bowls… has had it’s moment of fame… or infamy (and here I restrain myself from using that awful old Kenneth Williams joke).

According to the source, a female named Tracey Seargant did an ‘Erica Rowe’ by stripping naked and running across the turf at the 2000 Indoor Bowls Championships… to the total amazement of all.

It also turns out that despite Tracey being a somewhat… errr… well built lass… quite chunky in fact… most photographers simply turned their lenses elsewhere though of course some didn’t. Her 15 minutes of fame have no doubt been immortalised on the web so if you feel the need… you can probably find pictures of her on Google Images somewhere. 🙂

And I thought bowls was a sport for old men!! 🙂

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