Busy day today!

Feeling a little more alive and alert than in recent days I decided today was going to be the ‘cleaning day’. Ok… *a* cleaning day.

Didn’t do too badly all in all. The wife got loads of washing sorted, and mowed the lawns front and back. She also did a bit of tidying and sorting of bills ready to pay if ever we get any cash to pay them.

I spent most of the day picking up after the kids to clear the floor, then vacuuming the floors ready to wash. Of course I didn’t get round to washing them because a friend came round to say hi… but that’s not the point.

I also made a good start on cleaning the oldies room which used to be the cleanest and clearest room we had, even after using it at Xmas, but was starting to fill up with assorted pieces of junk.

Effectively I managed to get it all bar ready for their return, even though that won’t be until November maybe, and even then will be dependent an my mothers health just before flying.

Still… best be prepared eh? 🙂

The friend left her daughter to play with my youngest, they skate together but because we switched rinks they see each other less and wanted to catch up.

The eldest is an extra in the school production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and has rehearsals twice a week. On Sundays afternoons they drag on from2:00 p.m. til 5:00 p.m.

This lost two helpers and as hopeless as they are, they could at least pick stuff up from places I still can’t reach etc. 🙂

And then there was dinner. I’d found a 4 kilo leg of pork in Woolworth’s for $15 which looked quite reasonable so we threw that on to roast for two hours. The
wife took over and did the veg and gravy and a good hearty filling meal was had by all. Good stuff.

The only downside to the day was that as I sit here in our bedroom clacking away at the keyboard, I am getting really bad shooting pains down my right leg. and a feeling as if I have a groin strain to go with it. In addition, my toe starting dripping blood around the place much to everyone’s disgust (cant help that – doc said no dressings). 😀

So… I’ve some upstairs to have a shower, wash the toe in antiseptic and get the weight off my leg to see it it improves.

I’ve taken tonight’s antibiotics and the painkillers so I expect I’ll be ok soon. Either way I figure I’ll stay here now and not show my face until morning. I’m sure I can find a decent DVD to watch… for example I can look thru some more of Blackadder Series 3 (Georgian Era). To be honest I wouldn’t say it’s as good as either Series 2 (Elizabethan Era) or 4 (First World War)… but it has its moments.

As do I… as do I. 😀

Tell you what tho… Rowan Atkinson looks *so* young it’s frightening!!!

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