What do adult cuckoo's do?

As part of an ongoing thread in another place someone brought up the question “What do adult cuckoo’s do while their young are being raised by others?”. I had to admit I had *no* idea. Of course not all cuckoos act by dumping their eggs in another birds nest and fly off. Most actually look after their young and teach them the ways of the world before they fly off to seek fame and fortune.

I assumed the question referred to breeds of parasitic cuckoo such as the Common European Cuckoo so tried doing a little research but couldn’t find any answers. I know there are a few amateur ornithologists out there (e.g. The Phantom!) so if someone can come up with an answer I’d appreciate it. Actually, ‘The Phantom’ hasn’t been seen online since late February so may not be able to respond to this.

Still, I’d assume (again) the females simply fly off and lay eggs in as many other nests as possible.

So at least the female is productive occasionally. The males on the other hand would appear do nothing at all other than bonk eat and sleep and enjoy life.

Must be a good life to be a male cuckoo!! 🙂

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