Opinion? Hardly.

Over the weeks and months this blog has changed slowly from being ‘news oriented’ to being virtually a virtual online diary. I suppose circumstances made it so and I can’t see it changing much in the near future with things as they are. C’est la vie.

The current focus is still of course the injury to my toe and the problems it’s causing.

We managed to get the kids to school eventually by having the niece and nephew cart them up there. They also say they’ll take them to ice skating this afternoon. They also dropped the wife off on the way so while she was late to work, at least she got there. Tomorrow is another day and right now I’m not sure what we’re going to do.

Not a lot has happened since I last posted an update. The dressing on my toe fell off during the night which wasn’t good, but I cleaned it with antiseptic and redressed it myself noting the stitches which I’d not noticed before that are holding the nail in place… ewwww!!

Later I contacted a firm of lawyers to get some advice about our options vis a vis support with transport requirements. He wasn’t too enthusiastic about our chances of a large sum… but I explained we aren’t really looking for anything major. I doubt this will be a long term issue, it’s more the costs we’ll incur in transporting the kids and the wife around to various locations by taxi if I can’t drive for a period. Anyway I sent him an email covering the salient points surrounding the incident and its aftermath to date, and will wait for his response before doing anything else.

I also contacted the specialist with regard to a follow up appointment, and after some confusion with their receptionist which I needn’t go into, I was able to make the appointment *and* get some advice regarding my mobility.

I was told under no circumstances should I drive until I’d have my toe re-examined by the doctor. However I need no longer keep the foot elevated and whilst they would prefer I simply sit and wait until the 25th Feb (the appointment date) I *can* shuffle around if I keep the weight off the toe, i.e. walk only using my heel, and try to keep the activity to a minimum. I suppose this would mean for example I could vacuum floors, or similar, if I took care about how I moved whilst doing it. It would also imply pushing a lawnmower would be inadvisable, likewise standing and cooking.

Naturally this is severely limiting my options and in fact really leaves us with only two – neither of which are particularly appealing. I either ignore the doctor and drive… not a good idea. Or we employ the services of a taxi to ferry us all about… which would be expensive.

Right now we’ll just have to wait until we get some advice from the lawyer… so will have to start collecting receipts etc in order to make future claims. Aggravating eh? 😦

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