My life is a soap opera.

I was just completing the previous post when I received a call from the nurse running the Sick Bay at the daughter’s school. The youngest had fallen in the playground playing ‘tip’ and had badly twisted her ankle. She was given some treatment consisting of ‘elevation’ and an ice-pack and sent back to class.

However, some time later (unspecified) she came *back* to Sick Bay complaining of pain in her ankle which was by now rather swollen.

The nurse suggested she would need picking up – not easy bearing in mind I’m not supposed to drive – however, the rellies had decided not to go out today and luckily were available to go get her.  I called the wife to give her the news and luckily she was already on her way home to look after *me*!! Awww…. nice.

Now when she gets home she’ll have two invalids to look after… one of which (the youngest daughter) will need to be taken to a doctor to be examined. Hopefully she’ll be ok… kids tend to be ok after a nights sleep and some TLC. 🙂

Still… goes to show the jinx is alive and kicking… even if it’s doing it’s best to make sure we aren’t… kicking that is!!

I sent an SMS to the eldest daughter telling her under *no* circumstances was she to fall over!! Well… these things usually go in threes… don’t they?? I’m assuming the wife will take care of herself, the jinx doesn’t seem to affect her. Odd that!!! 😀

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