And tomorrow?

Good question. The wife is insisting the kids can go to school tomorrow by bus and she’s suggested mobilising the niece and nephew, asking them to collect the kids so they can go to ice-skating. This is a possibility but they might not realise just how long they need to stay there! Still, if the kids routines can be disrupted as little as possible while this enforced rest continues then that must be a good thing.

If necessary I’ll call a taxi and go collect them myself and the wife can drive us home after skating – though I must admit I’m a bit concerned about that and figure if we’re going that far then I’d rather drive myself (and kids). If nothing else it’d be cheaper and more ‘efficient’!! Still, we can make that decision after seeing what the rellies say.

The rest can’t continue indefinitely anyway. At some stage I have to get to the doctors to get the dressings changed… which is supposed to be done every two days. To begin with I’m not sure I can get an appointment. Secondly… how do I get there? I could drive up… but that was something else I was told to avoid. I could walk… but that would be silly under the circumstances. Or of course… I could go by wheelchair! 🙂

Not sure how I’d go pushing myself a half kilometre the first time I try it… but it’d be good exercise, there and back, if nothing else!!  🙂

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