Things could be worse… probably.

I suppose there are worse predicaments to be in. While it’s true I’ve not walked very far from my bed today in deference to the doctors wishes and the wife’s orders (:)) and have been bored at times, things could be worse.

I’m sitting here watching the cricket on the laptop, and surrounded by the detritus of a slothful existence. I have empty cups from the gallons of tea that’s arrived regularly, the Sunday papers lie in mounds at the foot of the bed. I have carbonated water to drink, sultanas, fresh peanuts, and unsalted cashews to eat. I have the radio alongside me and a LCD TV/DVD player at the foot of the bed.

Not sure what else I *could* have to make things bearable. If you have suggestions please pass them on?

2 thoughts on “Things could be worse… probably.

  1. at your age I am sure if you tried very hard you could think of something = at my age except perhaps for salt on the peanuts it soulds like Para=dise –

  2. Actually, since I wrote that message, the wife brought in the ‘evaporative air cooler’ we’d brought for the back room, filled it with water.

    It’s now sitting by the bed blowing cool air over me as I lie here. Not quite the ‘dusky beauty with a fan’ but it’s the modern equivalent and works well enough to cool me down! 😀

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