We're back: Server Outage!!

Yet again the US server hosting the blog failed… and this time the Data Centre took *two days* to repair/replace it which is ridiculous in anyone’s terms!!! All these high end servers are constructed with a RAID array, i.e. multiple hard discs, to provide multiple ‘fail-safe’ redundancy so that if one should fail, or if the hardware should suffer a catastrophic failure, then getting the system back online should take very little time indeed.

We’re yet to learn how and why it took such a long time to carry out what should have been a relatively ‘easy’ fix.

In the meantime all *I* can do is sit and seethe. I’m as annoyed as anyone else… perhaps even more so, but since there is nothing I can actually ‘do’ about it… I’ll juts have to grit my teeth and carry on as if it didn’t happen. 🙂

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