Favourite flowers: Begonia hybrid

The garden is usually full of flowers… or it is when I’d be able to work on it and give the plants the right conditions to flower. Even so there is one flower than appeals to me more than the others, and this is it… my two year old Begonia hybrid! πŸ™‚

Begonia RexAs you see, it’s alone in its pot, though earlier in the year it was surrounded by some petunias which, with their light purple colouring, really set the creamy rose colour of the begonia flowers off perfectly.

Conditions for the petunias weren’t ideal and they slowly died. Still, conditions for the Begonia were adequate and it’s flowered happily all year, as it’s done since planting.

It’s one problem happened a month or two ago when the son in law helped me by washing down the verandah and broke off one or two of the lower stems dragging the pot around. I’ve no idea if the plant will ‘compensate’ by regrowing from that low down or will just continue it’s merry way climbing to the sky.

Either way it’s prettier by far than this picture can show, but I think perhaps it gives you some idea of how it looks. πŸ™‚

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