More on the 'fat lady'.

These two pictures are of the garden orb spider that has taken up residence outside the front door and nicknamed by us ‘The Fat Lady’ because of her bulk.
Fat Lady Eats.

As always, photos really don’t do her justice… even so I think they give some idea why we found her impressive.

By the way, she’s making a meal out of one of the beautiful iridescent blue/black ‘beetle’ looking things that fly around the garden at great speed. They are between 3 – 4 cms long.

How it ended up in her web is a mystery since they usually seem quite adept at avoiding webs. This is the first one I’ve seen caught!

Fat lady in her Web Just for completeness I’ve added this photo of her taken this morning as we left the house while she sat in the centre of the web. Compare it with the snap of the web posted earlier, and you’ll gain more idea about her actual size! 🙂

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