Frog in a manger!

I made a few posts last week about the wildlife in the garden. The amphibians were just one of the species I neglected to mention. They forcefully reminded me they were there when I was outside this morning!

Frog for a DogI heard quiet splashing splashing and found a frog in the dogs bowl! No doubt it had good reason to climb in… perhaps seeking food… but once in, was unable unable get out because the sides of the bowl were so slippery!

It’s possible it was trying to establish some territory in a small pond it had found… but with the number of water fowl we have around these parts, that seems a bit less than likely! 🙂

Before releasing it to the relative safety of the bushes under our bay window, where it hopped it quick smart, I took this photo of it swimming around in the bowl.

The bowl by the way is full only because of the rain we’ve been having recently. It was emptied at least twice yesterday so these inches fell! overnight.

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