Still here!

Too busy clearing and cleaning up to write sorry. This looks to continue for a few weeks yet. Still… nice to have family around eh? 🙂

The second set of rellies have bought themselves a small Toyota campervan and are beginning to organise themselves to set off for a year across Australia in search of… something. They’ll be ok. There are only two of them so it’s not as if they’ll be too crowded.

The van is too small for us of course, we need something that will cart a load of junk as well as us four and the two dogs. Besides, the one they got doesn’t have air conditioning. Personally I think this might be a bit of an issue for them when they get to Cairns (which is their target currently). The idea of driving around in temperatures above 45ºC is not something that endears itself to me… but each to their own I suppose.

Other than that our world is ticking over much the same as always.

Will be back once I’ve cleared up etc. Whether this will be today, tomorrow… or next week is anyone’s guess! 😀

2 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. OMG we had air con in the cab of the campervan we hired and every time we stopped for hubby to have a break because of his back we couldn’t wait to get going again because the air con didnt work when we were stopped and the higher up the coast we got to Cairns the more we relied on it and it was on all through the night.

    Good luck to them with no air con!!!!!

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