Only a few days more.

Eager readers who wonder if the blog is still running after the jumps and starts over the past month or two might be pleased to learn that all will be well in a few days I’ll be back on the blog and it *will* be back to producing the usual rambling pointless and (occasionally?) amusing posts!

Reason is that the daughter, new husband, and family will be departing Sunny Oz for the cold and clammy shores of Old Blighty on Monday evening! The house is going to seem really quiet and empty with five less people here, but a plus point might be that with less people trying to use the main computers… there should be more space in the day for me to write!! 🙂

Actually, leaving aside the problems of ten people trying to use the two best computers, I was surprised just how easy it was to rearrange the living arrangements to allow all eleven of us to live here (the extra one is a baby) yet still give us room to ourselves when we want it. We’ve not really had to manoeuvre round each other much at all. When any of us has needed ‘quiet time’ we’ve each had our own space to retreat to! The daughter has a room the size of a small bed-sitter, the niece and nephew-in-law (?) have their own bedroom and use of the ‘upstairs lounge’, we have our bedroom which has it’s own ‘private space (even though it’s mostly filled with boxes of junk from the other rooms!) and the kids have the ‘dining room’ which is usually the oldies bedroom along with the rest of the house over which they throw rubbish as they see fit! Grrr…….

In some ways it’s made me realise just how big this place is and made me wonder (again) if we really need it? This is the first time we’ve ever almost filled it… but even now we could have absorbed the oldies if they’d come for Xmas with no problems at all and *still* each of us would have had that ‘private space’! Basically I think I’m edging back towards to idea that we ought perhaps move somewhere smaller. Downsizing *does* have several plus points. Having said that of course, as the kids grow and become teenagers… and maybe later if current trends continue… they will want more room to ‘do their own thing’, and perhaps that’s when the house will ‘come into its own’.

Well as you can see, yet again I’ve meandered off the point of the post which was to say I’ll be back ‘full time’ from Tuesday onwards.

Nothing changes really. 🙂

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