It's just not cricket!

Racism on the hallowed turf? Sledging? Unsportsmanlike behaviour? Cricketing ethics have changed over the past 50 years out of all recognition since the phrase “It’s just not cricket” entered the language as an indication that something unfair or unethical had taken place.

Currently the Indian team touring Australia are sulking in a corner, considering packing up their bags, balls and stumps and hoofing back home because one of their number was caught out racially abusing an Australian team member and suspended from playing in three test matches..

I wonder if they’d have been so keen to back out of the tour if they were two up in the series instead of two down??

There have also been calls for the Australian Captain, Ricky Ponting, to either resign or be sacked for ‘arrogance’. Eh what?? It’s his *job* to ensure the success of his team. He is paid to *win*. What’s more it’s almost certainly true that no matter how ‘gentlemanly’ his behaviour might be, if the team consistently lost, while he was captain, then these same people would still be asking for his head on the block!!

Leave the guys alone I say… attacking them when they are doing the country proud isn’t right. It’s… just not cricket!!

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