This place is a tip!

Took the wife off to the train station this morning along with the eldest daughter who is going on to work with her for the day. I came back did my usual round with the hose to keep the plants alive and came in.

Despite having been up since 5:30 or so I obviously hadn’t looked around much. The place is a real mess. Clothes everywhere, floor littered with toys, books and whatever else nobody could be bothered to pick up and so forth. I can see me spending all day trying to get on top of it again.

It’s made all the more annoying because I seem to do nothing *but* clean up after other people! There has to be more to life than this I reckon.

Just to add to the torment, I looked at the bathroom, toilet and laundry downstairs (I dare not go upstairs just yet and look around… I might explode!).

Naturally I won’t be able to spend all day cleaning even if I wanted to. I promised the youngest I’d take her rock climbing and that opens at around 11:00 a.m. so all I have really is 2½ hours to get on with it. So what am I doing writing in here?? Avoidance obviously! 😀

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