Happy New Year!!

We’ve had quite a good day today. Lots to eat, a fair bit to drink, an afternoon at the ice rink in the cool followed by an evening in the swimming pool which was *really* warm!! Came in and watched a really wonderful little foreign film on SBS and am quite pleased with the way the day has gone so far.

So far? Can it get better? Well this is Australia… of course it can!!

I’m just about to watch the largest (and, of course, the best) fireworks display in the world… on TV of course. I’m not setting foot in Sydney until I can go by myself and that won’t be until the kids are old enough to be let out by themselves, say in 15 years or more?? 🙂

Right now though the seconds are ticking away and we’re all set here with a glass of ‘something’ in the hand ready to toast the year in.

There are 7 of us still here so from me, the wife, the eldest daughter, the second eldest daughter, the youngest daughter, the soon-to-be-son-in-law and the eldest grandson… a Happy New Year to one and all. May the coming twelvemonth be all you wish for it, and, most importantly… may be all be here again *next* year to do it all over again.

Best wishes to one and all from all here… let’s hope it’s great in 2008!! 😀

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