Well, well… all home in one piece!

We are all indeed home in one piece. A couple of possible near misses but nothing serious. However… as usual the ‘unexplainable’ met the unexpected’ and the day produced it’s share of jinx associated events.

For a start I had a few ‘problems’ with my Colorado boots. I bought the boots years ago to use when we went on holiday to Uluru and they’ve been really great with very little wear to the soles and uppers that are soft as calf leather. Today I put them on ready to go walking around the Blue Mountains but before we set off I spent an hour in the garden watering and doing stuff ready to go out. Got in the car… drove up to the mountains and the entire trip was totally uneventful.

We arrived… I wandered around the car sorting out my rucksack etc and we set off.

I’d not got a few feet before I felt something was very not right with my feet. I looked down… and discovered the sole of the right boot was hanging off!! No time to go get new shoes… and nowhere to buy them anyway with everywhere shut for the holidays, so I pulled it off and off we went with me now walking on the undersole. I didn’t mind too much because my spine is a bit twisted so this actually levelled me off! No worries.

We walked down to the waterfall at Wentworth Falls and back to the car. We left to go to the Three Sisters. I got out of the car… and the *other* sole fell off!! Not happy Jan!!  (that’s a reference to a Yellow Pages advert run in Australia so if you don’t get it I’m sorry).

Not long after that the picnic table collapsed trapping the youngest grandson between his seat and the table. My daughter says this sort of thing happens to *him* regularly too!!

It looks like the jinx has been handed on successfully. Poor kid!! 😀

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