A blue day ahead.

Despite me being all bar crippled with my back, all of us are off to the Blue Mountains for the day. The picnic is made… dishes are packed… water is in the bottles… and away we go. I did none of the preparation because last night I finally came down with the cold that’s been affecting all the others for the past few weeks and I went off to bed leaving them to it. I say ‘them’ but I really meant the wife who organised it all. To add to her workload, when the others came home after their day in Manly, they let the dog out who legged it as usual. The wife was out at 11:30 p.m. going to fetch him from his usual haunt at the ‘dog park’. She is a little tired so I expect her to sleep today.

Obviously this is a very compressed version of yesterdays events. I might expand a little if I get time… no promises though!

Anyway… right now I’m not sure who is going in which car but all 11 of us are off to see if we can set off together, have a good day together… and have all of us return… together. If you’re wondering, one of the visiting grandsons is a little ‘unruly’ and we are already concerned he’ll take it into his head and rush straight towards things not realising there could be a sheer 300 metre drop a few feet ahead.

Of course people *do* die up there regularly but they tend to be people who’ve both gone up ill-prepared and also ignored the signs or wandered off the designated paths when they have no map to guide them back. There are millions of acres of virgin bush up there with huge  impenetrable sections and once you’ve strayed even a few metres from the paths you can find it all bar impossible to work out how to get back.

On the other hand millions of people go up there to cool off and enjoy the views etc and they nearly all come back alive and in one piece so if we all keep a ‘weather eye’ on him he should be ok. 😀

Right now I’m more concerned about how I’ll manage to get up and down paths when I can hardly walk already. I’m dosed up with Advil etc and had a load of water to make sure I don’t dehydrate too quickly if I have to keep stopping to brace my back. I’ll manage. 😀

So we’re off. I’m back on the diet… though it’ll be a struggle with all these choccies and cakes about… and I’ve a hard day ahead. We’re loaded up with meal replacement bars and that’ll see me through ok. I figured I’d be better off eating two or more of those than the sandwiches etc we’re taking for the picnic.

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