My back hurts – still.

I wish I could report how much better my back feels and that I’m bouncing around like a teenager again. Well the fat makes me bounce alright, but the pain tends to make it a risky business.

Both sides are hurting so I think it’s clear I have a compression somewhere in the lower back affecting my sciatic nerves. Much as I hate going to the doctor I’m afraid this is something I can’t ignore much longer. The Advil tablets are doing an admirable job in keeping me active but even taking them every 4 hours or so I’m still only just able to work in the day and am not improving. What’s worse is that the pain is making it hard for me to sit for periods longer than a few minutes at a stretch so can’t update the sites as often as I’d like.

To be honest it’s a real aggravation. For large parts of the day I walk around bent in two with my hand pushing against the right side of my back. It’s uncomfortable ti sit, to lie down, and to stand. Standing up from sitting is a perilous affair requiring me to place my hands on my thighs and repeatedly  rolling gently backwards and forwards until my centre of gravity is just over my hips, then I push with my arms and slowly rise! It looks weird – but it works unless I’m in a chair where my kips are lower than my knees. In that case I can’t roll forward because I’m increasing the compression and making the pain much worse.

It’s only reasonably ‘comfortable’ when I’m actually moving around… which is good from an exercise perspective but it’s damn tiring! No idea if anything *can* be done to alleviate lower back pain but now Christmas is over I may as well go get it looked at… probably.

In the meantime… there is a house to clean and tidy. I think I hear a box of Advil calling my name. 😀

2 thoughts on “My back hurts – still.

  1. I know exactly what you mean about your back. Go to the Dr. not a orthopedist, but a neurologist.
    The orthopedists will want to operate, the neuro will help you with the pain. I bet you might have a herniated disc with right lateral protrusion. I have 3 of them and arthritis also. Get on the pain now because it is better to be pain free, and stop wondering what is wrong than all of a sudden a pain that is unbearable. God bless you…there is a forumn at that might give you more suggestions.

  2. Thanks for that! I’ll visit the forum 🙂

    Since this is an old post you’ll not have read the results of my MRI, i.e. that I have three collapsed discs… or that the wife has also developed ongoing back pains as well!

    Maybe we’re all just getting old and don’t like to admit it! 🙂

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