Chop it off I reckon.

The eldest, eldest daughter from the UK has a nasty looking infection on her leg. I think she was bitten by something a few days ago. Lord knows what took a bite out of here, there are so many nasties over here it could have been anything. Either way the result was a lump… that spread and became inflamed.

She tried the usual remedies… electric shocks… anti-histamine creams… etc and nothing worked. Of course she didn’t get a lot of sympathy from the rest of us here… we’re so used to bites we just ignore them mostly. The response she got when she whinged about it was that she should just have it chopped off and get it all over with.

Eventually she got sick of the ongoing ‘humour’ and off she went to the docs… who diagnosed septicaemia!! He said had she not gone when she did she may well have spent Xmas in hospital on a drip!! Nice!! Oops.

She’s now on antibiotics as well and is wandering around with that air of smug self righteousness one gets when one is proved not to be a hypochondriac after all ๐Ÿ˜€

Actually it’s a good thing she got sorted out. Apart from the risk of serious complications to herself, she’s feeding the baby so there’d be hell trying to keep her satisfied with her mother unable to look after her! We’d just about manage the boys of course but even that would be hard with all the other stuff we have to do.

If required… I’ll keep you informed of her condition ๐Ÿ˜€

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