Twas on the Monday morning…

‘Twas on the Monday morning that the poolman came to call… a couple of Mondays ago maybe… anyway the pump wasn’t working properly so they removed it… kept is for days… cleared leaves out of the impeller (they said)… and replaced it in situ. Two days later it stopped again.

I rang, told them the pump wasn’t pumping and asked them to come and fix it *again* because it’s nearly Xmas… we have 10 people here… and a green smelly pool isn’t really in keeping with an Australian Xmas is it?? Well no it isn’t.

It’s now three days later and they arrived this morning to fix… I assumed… the pump that wasn’t pumping.

Guess what they said?? Right… “Your pump isn’t pumping mate!!”. Well d’uh!!! That’s why I rang for someone to come fix it. The response?? “Oh… ok… we’ll have to come back this arvo then”. Clearly I assumed wrongly!

SwimArt Rouse Hill will be getting an earful if it isn’t fixed before Xmas.


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