Say what you like… it *can't* all be me!

We went out early to take the youngest to the ice rink for her lesson and to give the coach a small present for Xmas… as you do. We came back to drop her off before setting out to complete the search for presents  and such like.

We’d not been in for two minutes when the son-in-law asked us if we knew the spa was empty of water and the pool was filled to overflowing?

Some fast investigation determined her was right. I checked the pool equipment and found the pool maintenance people had been, replaced the old pump exactly where I’d asked them not to, and instead of setting the valves correctly, i.e. to circulate water through the spa back to the pool… *had* set the valves on the plumbing instead to *empty* the spa. Luckily we came home in time to rectify their mistake. Had we *not* been here to do it the pool surface could have been ruined. For some reason never explained fully it apparently has to be kept permanently wet or ‘damage’ ensues.

I’ve not gone into the shop to complain yet but I think they should be informed I am *not* happy with the level of competence displayed by their staff!! The pool cost a lot of money to install and we pay them a lot of money to keep an eye on it.

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