Sporadic posts rule.

Xmas is coming and I’m not getting fat… yet 🙂

There’s just too much to do for me to keep blogging as much as usual, so for the next few days there won’t be as much happening in here as usual. Apart from the usual cleaning stuff Xmas is just around the corner and the house is full of people so life is even more chaotic than usual.

I have to clean the barbie today… now there’s a job filling me with excitement and anticipation. Up to my neck in rancid grease, and soot and caustic soda… whoopee!! Who could ask for a better start to the day?? 🙂

And then there’s the kitchen… well what passes for a kitchen… don’t ask… it’s a disaster area. Ten people… one cleaning… well two since the wife fills the dishwasher every evening after dinner… but still… disaster. It’s a wonder we aren’t overrun with livestock!! Ewww…

Anyway – on that note I’m off to make a start. My back is breaking but if *I* don’t do it it won’t get done… so off I go. 🙂

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