Wife on her way home!

As I said a day or two ago… the wife is never ill, and even when she *does* get the sniffles she carries on (wo)manfully to work braving the elements and spreading germs far and wide, to all and sundry, showing neither fear nor favour…. and this current bout of sinusitis has been no exception.

A little concerned her new employers might think she was swinging the lead having had several days off work already, at 6:30 a.m. she staggered off to the train station, half a hankie box in hand, (the other half stuffed up her nostrils) determined to work today… or kill everyone else off trying. She seemed to feel that going to the office, if only for the morning, would adequately demonstrate her sad, pathetic condition and that both her employer and colleagues would more easily accept that she (and they) might be better off if she stayed at home. And *especially* if it meant she was well away from them!

To be fair I *did* go to some lengths before she left to suggest she might not receive many plaudits from her workmates for having infected them with this horrible, snotty, debilitating (and painful) infection immediately before the Xmas break but she felt that for her at least it represented the lesser of two evils and went in regardless.

Either way, it’s now 1:30 p.m. and I’ve just received a message from her to say she’s on the train home and will I go pick her up please.

I can only assume her dread duty has been done, she’s coughed, sneezed and expectorated over any and all within reach and is content that as much pre-Xmas havoc as possible has been caused, before coming home to crawl off to her bedroom where she can fester and suppurate to her hearts content.

Poor old thing. 😀

Hands up those who think *I’ll* come down with it *just* in time to be a total physical wreck for Xmas Day so I won’t be able to cook, clean or even enjoy opening whatever presents our chronically undernourished bank balance can magically produce at the last second!?!

4 thoughts on “Wife on her way home!

  1. Hands up those who actually allowed the wife to go home and go to bed? … at any time on Friday, Saturday or Sunday?
    Wife safely back at work, able to have some quiet time today!

  2. you missed the bits about the child to guides only 2 hours late, and no fish & chip shops open on a Friday evening! … and the other child to the party only 23 hours early!
    And as for “left the wife in bed to have a lie in” … really doesn’t do justice to the situation!

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