And I've been where??

Saturday… what happened? Beats me. I know I took the youngest skating whilst the wife slept in… then we went shopping… came home… and?? No idea. Obviously we did *something* but I’ll have to ask her what that something actually was 🙂

I know I went to the Guide Hut to do some mowing at long last. While the wife went off to purchase some fish and chips I hacked into the overgrowth and then moved in with the mower to clear some space ready for Tuesday night’s meeting. I wasn’t able to finish as much as I’d have liked but at least left one side ready to be done and the other looking as though a mad axeman had been let loose on it.

We were three short for dinner… so I was able to totally undermine my diet by scoffing down *four* lare pieces of fish in batter… my own and the three others!! Total pig yes but it both tasted *and* felt good. 😀

Sunday was a little more structured in that we knew what had to be done and where.

Basically we spent virtually all day from 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. selling hotdogs and cold drinks at a local hardware superstore. I’m not sure the takings reflected the effort put in but since the money raised will be earmarked for subsidising the costs of sending the girls to Jamboree next year it was well worth the time put in I think.

I was dressed as Santa for a large part of the day skipping around the car park encouraging people to come and buy. I’m not sure it helped sales but it used up a lot of the energy stored as a result of scoffing down the fish the previous night so that was useful.

All was well until the car battery failed. We’d left the CD player on to provide Xmas music from the CD’s we’d taken up but we’d forgotten to turn the ignition switch over and so used up all the power. When we tried to move the car to get it close to someone’s battery to jump start it because their battery was on the opposite side to ours… I hurt my back *again* and so aching all down both sides!!!

To round things off… I spent this morning humping the boxes of equipment out of the car into the Guide Hut… despite having a bad back… and then mowing the grass that I’d left the day before. I’m now sitting in some discomfort debating with myself about taking pain killers.

I think there is nothing to gain by *not* taking them and a lot to gain… so I’m off to drug myself  a little. Bye.

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