Prize Day at the School!

Off we go to the school’s Presentation Day where all the kids who’ve done something worth getting an award for… get… an award. Sadly I missed the schooling of my first two kids because of all sorts of factors so I’m making sure I get as much out of these two as I can. Isn’t going to make up for it of course… but it helps.

Anyway… we fronted up at 9:15 a.m. to drop off the kids as requested expecting to get in at 10:00 a.m. with no problems. Wrong again. The place was already heaving with children and parents littering the places like refugees on a Darwin beach! Naturally I started to rain. The others were dropped off and I went to park several fields away and trotted back in the rain as one does… when it’s raining. Of course I could have used my mothers card and parked in a Disabled space, pretending to be disabled myself… not something I do of course… often…. but I couldn’t as all the others had got there first. So I walked.

Eventually we got in, found a space, didn’t like it, and moved again. By then I’d already had an argument with the ‘attendant’ who  told us we were only allowed one programme per family and we couldn’t take photo. I took two programmes and said ok but used the video anyway. Gits!

So… we sat there quietly ripping to shreds the reputation of the school, the teachers, the pupils etc until of course our own little girl appeared on stage!! My eldest was awarded the Co-Curricular Award (again) for fully participating in the most additional extra activities. These range from flute, singing, and musicology to robocup and ‘veggie patch’ and many, many others! She was going for this in a big way all year so we expected her to get it… tho of course quite relieved when she did! However she *also* received the Music Award which again was due to her hard work and participation but was entirely unexpected.

She’s now moving up to High School next year so it’ll be a whole new ball game. For Junior School however the baton has been handed on to the youngest who is moving up to year three. We have hopes she’ll get her act together and do great things, but she is a great little ice skater so may well prefer to concentrate on that and leave the school to sort itself out. We’ll back her up to the hilt whatever of course… but it *is* nice to hear your kids name being called out on stage to receive and award… a couple of times!

In all fairness they’re both good girls and if all they get out of life is that they end up happy I’ll be more than happy myself. Still… it *is* nice that their efforts are rewarded 🙂

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