Time after time.

Yet again the eldest daughter is going to arrive at school with a piece of ‘homework’ rused and completed beyond the ‘last second’.

As part of her terms work she was supposed to create a folder commenting and detailing her life in the Junior School which she will be leaving at the end of this term to go to HighSchool. Ok both ‘schools’ are on the same grounds and are actually the same place… but the point was to have a record of what she’s done over the past six years. I’m not sure these aren’t supposed to be kept by the school as some sort of permanent record.

Either way… she didn’t do it. Everyone else in the class has been diligently working away all term creating their little masterpieces making sure the wording, artwork and graphics suit their presonalities and tell the whole story of their time at the school. My daughter completely ignored it until a few weeks ago… then she made a half hearted attempt to do *something*… and then two days ago discovered the end of term is next week, she’d not done the work and had in fact entirely lost all the work she *had* done.

She spent last night and this morning (literally just before leaving for school), photocopying and writing up something just so she isn’t left with nothing at all to show for all those years.

The kids drive me crazy. When the workload of High School hits her next year she isn’t going to know which way to turn. Getting by on a winning smile and a pleasant personality might work in the Junior School but in the higher classes they grade people by results.

She’s going to have to work far harder than she has been doing or she’ll just drown in the work.

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