We now have two cars.

We didn’t *intend* to have two cars – no sirree Bob! It just happened that way.

The future son-in-law took all the papers for the car we bought yesterday over to the NRMA to get it insured… and then we nipped off to the RTA (Road Traffic Authority) to get the registration transferred from the car yard to him. If that wasn’t done within 14 days he’d be liable for a $86 fine. Why $86? Why 14 days? Why anything!

Anyway, they ask for ID… after all, being a bureaucracy that’s the first thing they ask for… so he hands over a passport… and then a driving licence and then a Visa card. Trouble is they seem to have different names on them. Not going into why he has different names, I’m sure he’ll explain to you if you ask nicely. The point is that despite having the Deed Poll with him to prove he is all of those people… it totally threw the woman behind the counter to the extent she seemed on the verge of telling him he’d have to come back some other time when she wasn’t there!

I only had 10 minutes before having to go get the kids from school so we had to hurry. The obvious answer was to give them *my* details as I have a valid NSW licence and lots of ID.

The upshot is that the car is now registered in *my* name not theirs!! This makes it *mine* not theirs!! Hahahaha… oooh….. the power!!

The only real problem with this that I can foresee is if they get lots of speeding or parking fines!!… but I’m *sure* they’d not get any of those ๐Ÿ™‚

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