So I spies this turtle…

Sitting in my driveway after coming home from the gym I saw something ‘odd’ in the park opposite. My first thought was it looked like a long necked turtle but since we don’t have any ponds within reach I figured I was wrong and worked through all sorts of creatures ranging from stalking birds through rabbits to a large rat dragging something.

In the end I decided it would be a good idea to take a closer look and sure enough it *was* a long necked turtle.

Of course I picked it up… as I do… and took it back across the street to the house. A quick inspection determined it was crawling with leeches… hmmm, I wonder do leeches ‘crawl’ as such?… anyway that meant first stop was the garage to get a brush to get rid of as many of the leeches as I could.

That done, I nipped in to show the grandkids who were glued to the tv as kids are. Once they heard what I’d found they leaped up and ran to take a look. After a few seconds watching the things head poked out and once it was sure it was relatively safe out came its legs and away it waddled across the patio and into the safety of the bushes.

With luck it will stay there a few days and scoff all the slugs and snails that have made a home in our small wasteland but knowing my luck it was just off in search of some nookie and won’t be there for long long.

It’s times like these I wish we had a small pool in front of the house for small animals like frogs… and maybe the turtle… to live in. Though I suppose the turtle would eat the frogs so maybe not.

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