Where's ma toikey!!

For Xmas I ordered from the butchers a 5 kilo ham, 4 kilo leg of pork and a 12 kilo fresh turkey. Just had a phone call… no 12 kilo birds… hard to come by sorry… would two 6 kilo birds do instead??


I suggested they get as big a bird as they could find… 6 kilo at least bigger if possible… and I’d go and buy a frozen turkey as well just in case we need ‘extra’. I suppose a 12 kilo turkey would have been too big anyway… but it sounded like a nice size when I ordered it.

Thing with turkeys is the bone structure is much of a muchness no matter how heavy the bird so the larger they are… the more meat you get for your buck!! I’ll go and get a turkey over the weekend and ‘store it’. When the fresh one comes we can see if it looks as if it’ll do for 12 of us and if not we’ll still have two days or more to defrost the frozen one. Maybe an afternoon sitting in a bath of cold water would encourage it to melt?

Roll on Xmas… let’s have some nuts. As if I don’t have enough living here already!! 😀

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