I sort one issue… and lurch to the next.

Today I thought I would *finally* be able to make some headway with the cleaning in advance of the daughters arrival Weds eve, however yet again fate got in the way.

I went to the gym as usual but on the way realised my back was beginning to ache more and more. By the time I arrived there I was clearly suffering some problems -yup… for the first time since my sister came to visit… my back has ‘gone’ again. Right on cue.

While I was at the gym the painkillers kicked in and I got my hour walking in, but after that I was almost incapable of moving. I managed to get into the car and drove slowly over to Penrith to pick up the remote control I’d ordered for the in-car DVD player. We need to keep the kids quiet *somehow* while the adults chat! 🙂

Not sure if I mentioned the problems we have with the DVD before bu I think not.

The DVD ‘system’ is set up such that people in the rear seats can control the DVD via a remote… also they can wear headphones if they want that allow *them* to hear the dialogue (or music or whatever) while the other passengers chat, listen to the radio or CD or whatever. Over the two years all *five* sets of headphones were broken somehow. No idea how or who broke them cos nobody admits to it… of course. The final straw was when the remote control dropped out of the rear door… on neither child could be bothered picking it up with the result that I ran over it when the car moved.

Without the remote… the screen won’t come on… so for the past few months… no DVD.

Because the daughter is coming over with her kids I thought I ought to make steps to get it all fixed so while I was at the service station I made enquiries about the cost of replacing the lot. Nearly fell over when I heard the cost. $184.00 for the remote… $131.00 *each* for the headphones. Decided there and then they can whistle for them. I’m *not* paying $750 for headphones. However I *did* order the remote so the screen lights up.

I had a phone call that it was there so went to get it. It took me 5 mins to manoeuvre myself out of the car in order to stand up to walk into the shop! 🙂

After that it was off to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to get our e-tag changed.  The e-tag automates the payment of the toll roads around Sydney… and there are lots. This particular electronic ‘tag’ is a few years old and the batteries have finally failed. After oozing out of the car and making enquiries… I discovered the wife hadn’t added me as a signatory to the account so I needed *her* to be there, or a fax from her to give me permission to sign for her. Of course she’s gone to lunch. Grrr…. though of course not her fault.

Eventually I managed to get back in the car and drive home. Currently I’m sitting here in pain and wondering just *how* I’ll get the house clean? There’s only one more day and the place is a tip. 😦

It’s actually very distressing… I’m not exactly ‘house-proud’ usually… but right now it’s beyond bad!

Perhaps tomorrow the back will feel better and I can doo all the work on the last day… but it still makes me wonder just what else is around the corner.

Ouch 😦

3 thoughts on “I sort one issue… and lurch to the next.

  1. I’m sure Em will love to fly 12,000 miles just to clean our house!! 😛

    She could stay home and do her own for a whole lot less cost and less hassle! 😀

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