Interesting album software!

The software I was looking at, as introduced to me by kyte (see previous post) looks as if it might be the answer to several of my problems, not least the presentation of digital uploads in a form that is ‘secure’ – i.e. watermarked – yet accessible to family and friends! I also want ‘control’ over them so I’d prefer they were on my own server space… which might seem pointless in some ways but in others, e.g. lower cost… is an ideal solution.

Flickr et al aren’t that expensive but this looks to be more flexible in its approach.

If you’d like to see the software go to JetPhoto and have a look at the tour. It explains how it works far better than *I* can.

Ok I’ve been wrong before… often and this may not pan out, but I’ll start playing with it once the daughter arrives and see where I can go with it. If it *does* work as I hope then I’ll upgrade to the ‘pro’ version (i.e. register it) which is US$25 and see just how versatile it can be!

Of course in the middle of this I still have to sort out three sites for Sally… which won’t be a chore since I like doing them but right now isn’t the time to be spending an entire day working on the look and feel of a development site!! They too will have to wait at least another week ! 🙂

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