I'm not too fussy on pain.

I always find pain hurts… can’t say I like it. Can’t say I like bad backs either.

Thing about a bad back is that you feel 100% otherwise… well I do anyway. The only thing is that when I move I get shooting pains that make me yell out loud. So I don’t move… and then it doesn’t hurt… so I try to move again. But circular really.

Anyway the house is a mess and after struggling to be able to get time to *do* something about it… I find the time but can;t bend stretch or twist in order to get on with it. To say the very least its frustrating.

I’ve asked the kids to help and whilst the youngest is doing what she can the eldest is ‘tidying up’ while playing the recorder. I’ve asked how she’s managing to do that since playing requires the use of both hands… but so far she’s not responded. She seems unable to understand what a request for help means. Yesterday for example, I had to get food from the local shop. I asked if she’d come and help because I would find it hard to carry the weight of the bags while my back hurts… and she said no. Not maybe, or perhaps, or give me a call later… just no.

She *did* come after I shouted at her (which made the back hurt even more) but it was only under duress. It just drives me crazy!!

2 thoughts on “I'm not too fussy on pain.

  1. Once you get sorted try Pilates or some core stability. No you’ve lost the weight it should easier. It helped my back, the exercise not the losing weight (I wish)

  2. I’m going to need to do *something* to try to ward this off but at least I know what happened this time.

    Because we were waiting for the parade to arrive for a long time on Sunday, we sat on a low step and I was hunched over for 30 mins or more. I could feel my back ‘hurting’ but ignored it.

    I need to either learn to recognise the danger signals… or better yet not get myself cramped into that position for long periods again. 😦

    Also, as you say, I need Pilates or similar exercises to tighten the muscles. Only two weeks of the contest left now and then I can do exercise aimed more at strength and fitness than weight loss.

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