Tasks ahead?

Today I’d intended to spend all day working on the inside of the house starting to clean in ready for the arrival of the rellies. Unfortunately things never go exactly as planned and I have to go for a blood test first. This one requires ‘fasting’ for 12 hours so right now I’m really hungry. I don’t eat much to start with so eating nothing isn’t an ideal situation for me to be in. 🙂

No idea right now if this is a single test or if it’s one of those ‘test/drink sugar/test’ type sessions. If it’s the latter, I could be there all morning!

Either way I’ll not be at the gym today. Won’t be there tomorrow either. I booked the car in for an overdue service in Penrith at 9:00 a.m. and it’s a *long* way from the school to Penrith. I’ll just have to hope the traffic isn’t too bad.

Friday… nothing as far as I can tell so far. No doubt the wife will tell me if anything is booked in that I’ve forgotten. Maybe *Friday* will be the day to clear up… followed by even more sorting etc over the weekend!! 🙂

Next week I booked the eldest daughter in for an ultrasound and now I can’t remember if it was for Weds or Thurs morn at 8:30 a.m…. will have to call to check.

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