And our house?

Well inside is a tip. Outside is looking a little better… as it should be after the time I’ve spent out there! I had to mow the lawns again yesterday despite having only mowed it last weekend! Seems bizarre really… you feed and water it, then cut it short. May just as well leave it in peace and never cut it at all!

Also spread a general fertiliser over the garden beds and pots and had to water it all down. It looks ok as far as I’ve gone but the big bed on the left of the house (as you look at it) is still a mess. I decided it needs replanting so after Xmas will go looking for bushes rather than bedding plants and just fill it up.

Something that produces lots of colour through the summer would be nice so I’ll have to look in the garden centres to see what suits our locality.

Not yet though.. loads to do *inside* as well!

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