Blood tests – ewww.

I hate blood tests. I think I’m allergic to pain 🙂 This time I’m not even sure what they were for, though I’m sure Stephen Parsons does. Results in a week or two when I go back to see him… in the meantime… plodding on with ‘stuff’.

About to clear out the car so it’s ready for it’s service tomorrow morning. Already filled with petrol so all I need do is drop the kids off and zoom away.

It’s hard to believe a car could become *so* messy with just the kids in it… but in the past I’ve taken 6 carrier bags full of rubbish out of the car and while this time it isn’t as bad, it ain’t good! Why they seem to think it’s ok to just dump stuff on the floor is beyond me. It’s not for the want of telling!


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