Slow progress.

Been moving along slowly. The car is cleaner than it was… but now I have a big box of rubbish to work through sorting out what to keep and what to sling out.

Started in the study… which is to be turned into a bedroom for my two kids pro tem. Also made a start in the oldies bedroom since it looks like won’t be coming (though we *still* hold out hope they’ll have a last minute change of heart and come over to suprise us).

We think we’ll just move everything back to where it used to be for Xmas before they started to come over but leave all the drawers etc down there… just in case. That means it’ll only be a five minute job to change it back to a bedroom if they *do* arrive after all! 🙂

So basically the dining table is moved up to the centre of the room to allow us to use it for piling food on on Xmas Day. This gives is a fair sized patch at the window end of the room for the tree, and any presents Santa might leave… won’t be many from us either way as we’re stony broke. No change there of course. There are still a few ‘comfy chairs’ in there so we can sit down… and of course there are the eight chairs that make up the dining suite so there’s more than enough… so long as *I* get one of the comfy chairs 😀

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