Water, water everywhere.

Up to the Guide Hut early yesterday morning to do more watering of the turf. I realised when I’d finished that the hut isn’t inside the recycling are so was subject to water restrictions. This meant getting there much earlier.

Had spent an hour and a half there pouring water in all directions when a council tanker arrived in the car park. Had a chat and it turned out he wad come to water down the plants that were part of the councils roadworks/renovations happening all round that area. He asked how long I’d been there he looked surprised and said he’d finish it off for me. He hopped back in his truck and pointed it towards to turf alongside the hut.

In a minute or less he’d poured hundreds of litres over it from a directable nozzle at the front! I’d have been there another hour or more. Very handy tool that!! 🙂

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