Dum di dum di dum

Despite having a mass of things that need doing, and no time in which to do them it’s been pretty quiet here for the past couple of days. The wife has been home because we went to the school twice about the eldest daughters transition to high school next year, but otherwise it’s been quiet.

I suppose it’ll stay like this until I get off this weight loss competition and I can get into doing important stuff like getting ready for Xmas!  Just for starters, I have boxes of Xmas lights that need to be sorted and repaired and none of it has been done yet. There’s the garden which is slowly getting overgrown with the weeds that flourished in the recent rain, and a garage that looks like people open the doors and just throw things in willy-nilly. Actually, come to think of it… they do!!

I’m not even going to start on what needs doing indoors… I have three months work in there just to make it fit for use! The *least* of the things that is *essential* is repainting the entire house and re-carpeting it throughout. Everything else after that would be almost simple and cheap! 😦

Eventually it’ll get done… but right now I’m spending so long in the gym I don’t have time to do anything else.

Just three and a half weeks left… and counting!!

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