Five hours is too much

Yesterday I also spent 5 hours in the gym working away. In retrospect it was far too long and I’m paying for it today with a reduced capacity for work. My muscles in both legs ache and my right hip is really hurting.

I expect to be ok tomorrow but it’s an aggravation I could do without right now.

9 thoughts on “Five hours is too much

  1. I’m not 100% convinced *any* time in a gym is ‘a good thing’. I come home aching and exhausted and unfit to do anything for a couple of hours afterwards.

    Or maybe I’m just feeling my age πŸ™‚

  2. 5 hours is far too long, did you know that you completely deplete your body’s testosterone level after 60 mins, and that in turn starts to use your muscles as fuel instead of fat. So calm it down a bit

  3. What’s that about depleting testosterone?? Where did you pick *that* nugget up from?? πŸ™‚

    Actually even now I’m still shattered… I think it *was* way too much. I usually do three hours but I think I’ll be cutting down to one hour from now on. If I win the comp good if not… no worries… at least I’ll feel better for a larger part of the day!!

  4. Have a look at mens fitness. Aparently it starts reducing after 45 mins and is gone by 60. It also makes sense to have one day of cardio then one day of weights which gives the body and muscles time to recover. Speak soon as my notebook has been playing up recently

  5. The diet doctor implied exercise *increases* output of testosterone!! I know glycogen is used up quickly but that’s a good thing on this diet.

    Once the comp. is over in three weeks I’ll be concentrating more on fitness than weight loss so I’ll pay more attention to what’s happening internally then… remind me in a month if you can please?? Assuming that is that your machine isn’t dead!! πŸ™‚

  6. Exercise does increase the output of testosterone but that’s during everyday activies giving you more more energy. The fact is the stonger you become the more weights you can lift, so after 60 mins you’ve still used it all up. I’m sure since you’ve been training you’ve found day to day activities a lot easier :)hence more testosterone stores in the body

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