High School!

Or is that “Hi School?”. We went up to the daughters school last night for an introduction to their ‘revolutionary honours program’. To me it sounded like a version of the usual class ‘streaming’ but with an added layer so there are 4 instead of 3.

We can’t tell yet if the eldest will get into it… it’s by invitation only…  and it seems they don’t tell you if you’ve *not* got on it only if you *have* so we’re in for a confusing couple of months til we find out!

This morning the wife went up to discuss ‘pastoral care’ with them and to tell them the plus points of our little girl. Whether she made any headway is open to question but she collared the Principal and made a case… so we just have to wait and see.

I went to the gym. The school annoys the hell out of me sometimes so it’s best if I keep away and let the wife handle them. 🙂

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