Home alone?

Home alone?? I think not. The daughter was complaining over the past few days of a sore throat so this morning, off to the docs we go. He decided she has tonsillitis and has to have at least two days off. Oh gee thanks.

Still it was worth going. She now has both a course of antibiotic to fix this problem, but also has a referral for an ultrasound to investigate and ‘enlarged thyroid’ which was hinted at last time we went but had done nothing about until now. There are all sorts of physiological reasons for it to be enlarged so we aren’t too worried. The only real cause for concern is that her mother had her thyroid out… so better safe than sorry.

It also means I can’t go to the gym this morning though I should be able to go this afternoon. She’s old enough I think to be left behind while I go to get the youngest from school and take her to ice skating. The only issue with that is the wife not getting home until 7:00 p.m. or so this evening so *she’d* be ‘home alone’ for some four hours!

Can’t really do much about that. She needs to be home… the youngest needs to practice for her upcoming competition. I need to be in two places at once but, as the daughter is eleven, maybe we can assume she’s old enough to sit quietly and watch tv or films without the need for close supervision.

We’ll see.

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